1.1. All terms and conditions regarding the special offers in general and the free brain storm session in particular are hereafter been refered to as offer.
1.2. All existing, prospects and future clients are hereafter been refered to as client.
1.3. Free Engineering B.V. and her subsidiaries are hereafter been refered to as free engineering.
1.4. A brainstorm session is a session in which several parties, also including client and free engineering, formulate different ideas on solving a particular problem. Purpose of such a session is to get as much different solutions or initiatives as possible rather than to get a detailled solution at that instance. Usually, solutions obtained during a session are evaluated for their applicability and are further evaluated in a next stage.


2.1. This offer is in general only valid for companies located in the Netherlands.
2.2. Exceptions for other countries can be made upon request. A suitable agreement shall be made regarding travelling expenses and such for those cases.
3.1. The offer includes a free two hour brain storm session including travelling expenses.
3.2. In case a session exceeds the offer limit, all applicable expenses will be charged according to our current rate table.
3.3. When signing up for a free brain storm session, client accepts all terms and conditions coverned by this offer.
3.4. When the services of free engineering are required for a basic or detailled design stage following a brainstorm session, client will recieve a separate offer.
4.1. Free engineering preserves the right to decline a request from a client for a brainstorm session without any reservations.
4.2. Free engineering also preserves the right to modify, cancel or even stop a planned session. If so, client will be informed immediately regarding the reasons for such an occasion.
4.3. Free engineering accepts no claims from clients or third parties following the actions as described in articles 4.1 and 4.2 of this offer.
5.1. All information regarding the brainstorm session, parties involved, clients activities and particulars, will be treated as confidential.